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About me

Associate Professor of Theology at Atlantic School of Theology

Hi, thanks for visiting my site. Here you can find information about upcoming speaking engagements, my current and future writing, and more. 

My recent work focuses on Catholic moral theology and apologetics. This year will see the release of my second monograph, Resisting the Tyranny of the Banal: An Approach to Moral Theology, which seeks a way forward for Roman Catholic Moral Theology. Also forthcoming this year are some chapters in Still Unhealed, a book with Nuala Kenny on the abuse crisis in the Church.

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Upcoming Events

Public Presentations coming up - more info on "Upcoming Speaking Events" page 


Presentation on Spirituality in an age of Climate Crisis

April 22nd

Climate, capitalism, and crisis: why spirituality holds the key to healing the environment

The climate crisis has emerged naturally from foundational ways of thinking about nature in the modern West. These ways of thinking are ground into the foundations of the modern western project. They have proven necessary for the rise of capitalism and colonialism. In this talk I will argue that we cannot use these same forms of thinking, which have gotten us into this mess, to get us out of it. I will suggest that diverse spiritual traditions have practices that can help us think and live differently. Without such changes we have no hope of responding effectively to the crisis we find ourselves in. 

Presentation on Catholic Theology in a State University

April 25th 2020

Theology in a State University​

The modern world brings with it a series of binaries, between, for example, public and private, faith and reason, Church and state. A Catholic theologian in a State University would, at first glance, seem to transgress these binaries.

In this presentation I will argue that this transgression can benefit both the Catholic Church and the State University, pollinating each with some insights from the other. 

Presentation on Transubstantiation

Saturday, June 13th, The Eucharistic Congress, Membertou Nova Scotia

This presentation offers an exploration of the Catholic understanding of the Eucharist in a 21st century idiom.

Coming soon - Resisting the Tyranny of the Banal

For quite some time, Roman Catholic moral theology has failed to convince. Catholic positions in relation to sexuality, death and dying, and more, are failing to persuade people, not just in the wider society but within Catholicism too. This book sees two reasons for this. First, the hegemony of secular perspectives. Second, the poverty of a Catholic account shorn of the theology of the Holy Spirit on which it was once based. The book seeks to do two things - push back against the dominant perspectives in our secular society and reconnect Catholic moral theology with the theology of the Holy Spirit on which it was originally dependent. It's coming out later this year with Lexington/Fortress Academic, please do check it out or contact me for more infomation.