The three books below cover my main professional interests. Nietzsche and Theology, my first book, offered a Christian response to Postmodern and Neo-Darwinian thought. My main thoughts on Christology and Theological Anthropology are found there. Last year saw the release of Still Unhealed, a book Nuala Kenny and I wrote on the sexual abuse crisis in the Catholic Church. My chapters on Reformation and Ecclesiology are a good introduction to my work on reform and renewal in the Church. My most significant book, Resisting the Tyranny of the Banal, is coming out with Lexington / Fortress Academic. It represents my contribution to Catholic Moral Theology as well as my most significant achievement in apologetics. If you're interested in buying these books - click the buttons below, or if you want to learn more about them, shoot me an email. 

Nietzsche and Theology

"… Deane has made an important contribution to understanding the import of Nietzsche's philosophy for contemporary theology." European Journal of Theology

Theology has always viewed Nietzschean thought with a sideways glance, never quite sure what to make of it. Where serious engagement has occurred it has tended to either reject such thought outright or to accept it to such an extent that it loses its identity as Christian theology. In this book David Deane outlines a model for incorporating Nietzschean thought within the structures of a wholly traditional Christological anthropology. What is perhaps even more significant is what shows up in Christological anthropology under this Nietzschean light. Using Nietzschean concepts, Deane opens up a whole new lexicon for understanding and articulating traditional accounts of sin and fallenness, accounts that modern theology has often lacked the categories to articulate. 


Still Unhealed: Treating the Pathology in the Clergy Sexual Abuse Crisis

"An essential reminder that the sex abuse crisis is not just a clerical crisis, but an ecclesial crisis...not just a legal crisis, but also a spiritual crisis that requires conversion and reform. Recommended for all Catholics who want an authoritative guide to a multidisciplinary approach to the Catholic abuse crisis." Massimo Faggioli, Professor of Historical Theology, Villanova University

The sexual abuse of children and youth by Catholic clergy is the greatest scandal of the modern church. It has caused devastating, life-long harm to victim-survivors and to the entire Body of Christ. For many, it has precipitated a crisis of faith and a loss of credibility and trust in the Church and its leaders. How ought disciples of Jesus Christ respond to this profound contradiction to his words and witness? This unique work recognizes the importance of correct diagnosis for effective treatment. Using insights from history, medicine, psychology, sociology and organizational studies, it identifies structures and beliefs calling for deep personal and ecclesial conversion and reform. This heartfelt book, rooted in faith, hope and love, is offered in support of all those clergy and laity working together to heal the Church, and in deep trust in the power of the Holy Spirit.


Resisting the Tyranny of the Banal : An Approach to Roman Catholic Moral Theology

For quite some time, Roman Catholic moral theology has failed to convince. Catholic positions on sexuality, death and dying, and more, are failing to persuade people - not just in the wider society but within Catholicism too. This book sees two reasons for this. First, the hegemony of secular perspectives. Second, the poverty of a Catholic account, shorn of the theology of the Holy Spirit on which it was once based. In response I seek to do two things (1) push back against the dominant perspectives in our secular society and (2) reconnect Catholic moral theology to the theology of the Holy Spirit on which it was originally dependent. It's coming out later this year with Lexington/Fortress Academic, please do check it out or contact me for more information.

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