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I'm passionate about all our programs at AST, but the two below have a special place in my heart. I am really excited about them and believe that they can benefit you. Please scroll down to get answers to frequently asked questions about these programs. There are also links to click if you're interested in applying.


Diploma in the New Evangelization

Notebook and Pen

MA in Theology and Religious Studies

Fulfilling your vital role in Christ's mission

The diploma in the New Evangelization seeks to equip you to play your role in one of the most exciting developments in the Church for centuries. Christian faith in the West is declining. Christian faith is becoming less convincing within our secular context. What are you going to do about this? This program aims to help you live your faith in a radical way and propose Christ's gospel in your home, in your workplace and more. It features 6 courses, which you can take on campus or at home, in real time, from your laptop, tablet or cell phone. And due to the support of the Patrick Power foundation, the program is free for qualified applicants! Contact us to learn more and let me help you decide if this program could be for you!

Study Theology in a unique context with brilliant faculty

The MA program in Theology and Religious Studies is unique in that it enables students to study while being pollinated by two distinct but related fields - Theology and Religious Studies. Here are the 5 top reasons I am so excited about this program (1) You can tailor the program to your precise needs, availing of all that's best at both AST and Saint Mary's University. (2) This "tailoring" is not just in courses, you can also take classes on campus, online, or both! (3) We have exceptional funding for qualified applicants. (4) Student satisfaction with faculty, both in terms of the faculty's quality and their friendliness and support, is unparalleled. (5) This program can be used for those seeking to proceed to doctoral programs, for those looking for professional roles in the Church or clinical settings or simply for people looking to study fascinating topics with world-class faculty.

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These are the questions I most commonly hear from people who are trying to decide if either of the programs above might be for them.


I may be interested in either the Diploma in the New Evangelization or the MA in Theology and Religious Studies, but I'm worried about cost - what can you tell me about this?

Both of these programs are extremely well funded. Most students from Halifax / Yarmouth who take the Diploma program have all their fees paid. So too, many applicants to our MA program receive very generous funding. If you email me I can tell you more about this but we are very fortunate in that students in these two programs receive exceptional funding.

What are the entry requirements for the MA in Theology and Religious Studies?

A BA in Theology, Religious Studies or a cognate discipline. Many degrees in the humanities and social sciences would count as a cognate discipline. Some students without a BA can gain admission based on experiences in other fields.

I am interested in the MA but I don't have time to do another degree - what can you tell me?

AST has superb faculty and administrative staff and it's small. Therefore you get the very best that a large University could offer and the benefits of a small one. These benefits include the fact that, at AST, you're not just a (student) number. Large universities simply can't tailor programs to your needs. At AST we can help you plan your way through the program in a way that works for you. That might mean taking courses at home or taking semesters off. Our students love how flexible AST is. Contact faculty member and director of recruitment Susan McAlpine Gillis or myself and we can tell you how the program can fit into your lifestyle.

How many courses do I need to complete the MA?

Students coming to the MA with an undergraduate degree in Theology or Religious Studies need to take 8 courses.

Students coming to the MA with an undergraduate degree in another subject need to take 18 courses.

Can I do a thesis or is your MA course only?

AST MA students can do a thesis worth 2 course credits as part of their degree. To do this "thesis stream" you need proficiency in a second language. On your application form you can specify whether you want to do thesis stream or course only.

How do I apply?

To apply for the Diploma in the New Evangelization just click here to download the form. 

To apply for the MA program just click here 

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to email me or faculty member and director of recruitment, Susan McAlpine Gillis